Frigid Florida

How were your holidays? Mine were lovely and peaceful. While solo, each year I enjoy the solitude more and more. It is a delightful time of peace and reflection. Reading a book, taking a bubble bath, doing my nails, and shutting off the cell phone certainly recharges the batteries of the soul. Try it, you may like it!

And this year there were Northeast temps in Florida. While no snow fell, had the trial of covering the plants and donning the gloves. Florida almost felt Christmas-like.

Today I will check out the stores for sales of Christmas decorations to add to the collection for Christmas 2023.

Let’s hope the Dollar Tree has something left.. They have the best decorations, and yes, buy their stock. My tip for the year.

Next: Reflection.. Consider 2022 and all accomplishments while contemplating your 2023 goals as well. Check out this Nucific site. Besides the goal info they have great vitamins, supplements and health info. 

A Must Do.

Have been considering a career shift from the blog, to neurofeedback, dog grooming or perhaps both? For those who are unsure what neurofeedback is, check out this site for specifics, It certainly assists with many mental health issues.

And as to the dog, that could be an adjunct for assisting with these issues as well, and for me a fun add-on part time career to the more involved one. Love dogs!

Rocco received Pomeranian salt and pepper shakers for Christmas from his Minnesota grandma. Too cute. And update on his swallowing my vitamins/supplements. He is alive and kicking after stealing and swallowing tumeric from my suitcase. Only had 2 days of orange stools. Too funny and colorful, too!

So, enjoy your day, and have some left overs. Always love that turkey.

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