December 27th: Fruitcake and Zoo Day

Wanted to stick with something uplifting and different during this post Christmas week. The news is dead, (and a downer), so decided to seek what was celebrated today. It is Fruitcake and Zoo Day, and since I’m not a fan of zoos investigated fruitcakes, and what better one than America’s own ..

The Claxton

Am sure all of us have received one of these World Famous delights as a Christmas gift. Made in Claxton, Georgia, the fruit cake capitol of the world, it has a fascinating history. The company began, when an Italian New York City immigrant and pastry chef, Savino Tos, in the early 1900’s, moved and fell in love with the South. Here he began his bakery and homemade ice cream shop in Claxton.

Beloved by the community he acquired a young man of 11 to assist him. Albert Parker eventually became his most valuable employee and bought the company in 1945, deciding to specialize in fruit cakes. Mr. Parker has left us but his family continues to operate the company going from horse and buggy sales to a world wide operation. Their web site is fascinating and encourage all to read it, It is an American success story.

And in the meantime enjoy this special day – and please have a piece of fruitcake. You won’t be sorry.

For those who still yearn to celebrate zoos, check out my 8/31/2022 blog.

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