The Good News of 2022

With only 2 days left in this challenging year these birds have returned to my back yard for their annual visit. Unsure where they come from or go to from here, however, it provides hope, something we all need. And while the world continues to be crazed there were a few bright spots in 2022.

  • The Pandemic appears to have become a back page story and quieted.
  • The US Labor Market is unionizing with 7000 Starbuck’s employees unionized in 2022.
  • Ethiopia signed a peace treaty.
  • Progressives were voted in in Columbia and Brazil.
  • US democracy held in the Mid-term elections.
  • Climate change progress was made at the COP27.
  • The Respect for Marriage Act was passed.
  • There was a White House wedding.
  • Jon Batiste won 5 Grammy Awards.
  • Barbara Streisand and James Brolin are married 25 years. Go, Babs…

And on a personal note – my daughter got engaged to an amazing young man and a new grand dog entered my life, Rocco.

So here’s to 2023, and continued positive change.

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