Beginnings of Auburn

European settlers began to arrive in the Auburn area in 1789. In 1793, during the Post Revolutionary War era, more settled in this area with John Hardenbergh, a veteran of an earlier Iroquois Indian campaign, instrumental in the area’s development. The community began to thrive with Hardenbergh’s gristmill and sawmill.

Homes of this era remain in the area.

The area grew further with the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825. This Canal allowed goods to be shipped inexpensively. The Canal was 363 miles in length running from the Hudson River to Lake Erie, across the State. It was the first waterway connection in this area.

The Canal was 36 feet wide and 4 feet deep. Boats were raised and lowered via a series of locks controlling water flow.

In 1816, Auburn Correctional Facility, was added to the area creating additional jobs. A local told me the New York State legislature elected to take the Prison in lieu of being chosen as the state capitol, however, in my research have not located this fact, though I do not doubt the resource. Auburn was a model of prison reform offering new ideas regarding inmate incarceration. It remains open to this day.


By the 1870’s the Lehigh Railroad extended their service to the area which further enriched the Auburn supply chain.

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Auburn, New York Introduction

Always a history buff enjoy learning of the new areas I reside. Auburn is richly steeped in history. The City is located in Cayuga County, New York, an area known as Central New York.

While Syracuse is the major City of this region, Auburn holds a population of 26,000, according to the 2020 census. The internet states it was initially known as Hardenbergh’s Corners in the townΒ ofΒ Aurelius, and renamedΒ AuburnΒ in 1805, when it became the county seat and chartered as a City in 1848.

Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes, Auburn lies 25 west of Syracuse, and 120 miles east of Buffalo. Auburn is the nearest City to Lake Cayuga, the longest of the Finger Lakes.

There are 11 finger lakes:

  • Otisco Lake
  • Skaneateles Lake
  • Owasco Lake
  • Cayuga Lake
  • Seneca Lake
  • Keuka Lake
  • Canandaigua Lake
  • Honeoye Lake
  • Canadice Lake
  • Hemlock Lake

The region is holds many year round vacation homes, an abundance of wineries, and is an area of much beauty. At the opposite end of Lake Cayuga is Ithaca, New York, the home of Cornell University.

Post 1368

Have written this many posts over the last 7 years?! Wow. Am trying to download them but unsure where the download is going. Hopefully, somewhere where I can access the information as no longer have photo albums for my travel pictures only blogs of the travels. And as to the phone can never find the photos, so delete them rather than giving Apple $2 a month.

All those little costs add up.

But, really do you ever truly revisit pictures taken???

I have volumes of photo albums and they only create dust.

Since I have been unable to insert photos on the blog have spent hours attempting to understand why. Two wordpress happiness engineers have had ideas, but no answers. This brought back memories of my gi misdiagnosis for the year 2022, so took matters into my own hands, which I did with my health. This brought a removed gall bladder and health returned, so gave the blog a shot.

After several hours, 6 or more, found wordpress does not accept .tiff files, but does accept .jpg files. Apparently .tiff files are only for smaller photos and a more secure way to insert photos. Why, and who made this change after 7 years I will never know as I didn’t ask for .tiff files. However, I will now make sure only to create or use .jpg files.

Great information which you wish you never had to learn or spend 6 hours trying to find out.


I can now understand how secret documents fall through the cracks.

Next adventure, off to the UPS Store to return the Tesla Adaptor which didn’t fit the Leaf Charger.

Oh, the challenges of technology.

Auburn, New York: Day 1

This is where I am, 5 to 6 hours via the New York State Thruway, or I 87, northwest of New York City. Many do not realize there is a New York State beyond New York City. This region is truly Upstate New York, with its bucolic scenery filled with pastoral settings, and homes of the 1800’s, remnants of the Erie Canal, and a bygone era.

Come visit with me for a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience in the blogs ahead.


My first day in Auburn began with an 8 am wake up after 4 hours of much needed sleep. Since it was a Saturday knew I best check out the local Nissan dealership to check on the EV’s dash warning. The dealership was a short 3 mile jaunt from downtown Auburn and while I remained with charge to spare immediately plugged in upon arrival at the dealership. Knowing it would take 4 to 5 hours to complete the process had much to do and wanted to expedite the process.

After plugging in trekked in to the dealership show room and met Tim, a man of much knowledge, charm, and humor. He explained Auburn cab service, Leaf service, found some Auburn charging stations on the web, (which I already had but grateful for any assist), and other points to make my 13 week stay memorable and comfortable.

Didn’t realize Nissan had to have certified mechanics to work on each car brand. Since Tim had no certified Leaf mechanics in the future would have to visit dealerships 35 miles north in Syracuse for assistance.

That said no work was done on the car, however Tim surmised my sensor issues were probably due to the cold, and would disappear once the car warmed, which it did. He also lightly sprayed WD 40 on the ev charging station door which would prevent freezing, and recommended I do the same in frigid conditions.

Hats off to Tim, what a gem.

Stayed in the warm, computer accessible service waiting room surrounded by much love from Nissan salesmen, and friendly customers espousing the wonders of their Nissans. Nice to hear, and receive no financial gain from these words or any endorsements, though it would be nice and accepted.

Thank you Nissan of Auburn, New York.

Once charging was complete went on a scavenger hunt to find the 3 City charging stations both Tim and I found on the web. The first station was for government vehicles only and found behind the Auburn County Office Building. While the Canadian customer rep from the phone number listed on the charging station tried to link the car, she was unable. On to the second charging station at a local inn. Tried the AP, their customer service, and several inn staff for assistance, but was unable to connect. They say third time is a charm and in this case it was. At the County parking garage found two chargers, slow ones but functional, and this is where Clemmie, my Leaf EV, is to reside her Auburn days while in charging mode.


If there is an EV Heaven I have located it in the Lincoln Street Garage in Auburn, New York.

Here ends the saga of the 1000 mile EV journey. Wrote this blog while in my first week of overnights and this was equally challenging. A girl needs her rest.

Am once again working a night shift at a nearby hospital psych ward. Due to HIPPA all remains confidential. Enjoying the staff, patients, overall working situation, and even the cold with its crisp white snow. Will write sporadically as I find the time and energy. There is much to see in Auburn and am certain to catch the sites.

Thanks for taking this journey with me. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and buy an EV.

Mother Nature needs us to step up to save the planet.

The future of the Earth is in our decisions now.

Last Leg…

After my wonderful trek through the Pennsylvania Appalachian Mountain Chain started for New York State. But before the trek had more challenges – was credit card scammed once again – second time in 3 months – and left my favorite umbrella at the Budget office. After locating the back up charge card and picking up the umbrella was on my way.

Oh Z please end those russian scammer.

In my investigation was grateful to read Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York State, is on it with fast speed chargers within 50 miles by 2025. Only problem Kath, the web site has them built already, and they are not. Spoiler alert – if the station has a number, call before taking the drive.

In Binghamton stopped at a truck stop and mapped out the remainder of the journey. Once off I-81 in NYS, and finding the ev charging station was not yet built, decided to go for it with what charge was left. The drive included a snow storm from Binghamton to home base, Auburn, but safely followed a truck on I 81. While on I 81 noted a dash message regarding a defunct sensor but was unable to read the paragraph and drive as well.

After leaving the gas station WAZE put me on a road through NYS farmlands. This 17 mile road connected to Route 5, the direct road into Auburn. While initially terrified with the snow pounding and the road challenging decided to recall my days as a child sleigh riding and enjoyed the ride. It was much fun at 20 mph and will be a ride I will never forget.

Grateful to see Route 20 with 12 miles to Auburn, the sleigh ride ended, Enjoyed traveling through historic Skaneateles and the other small towns along the route. Stopped at a Ford dealership for a slow charge only to find the door covering the ev charging port frozen shut. Guess that was the sensor problem? With 20 miles left to charge high tailed it to Auburn arriving at midnight.

Journey ended… Time to unpack, arrange the lodgings, and a 4 a.m. bedtime.

I made it!

To Pennsylvania..

John Fetterman Country- Love the man and while I couldn’t vote, I contributed regularly. Some folks just need to stay stars, and not be politicians. Know your skill set, and also where you live. As for the orange prez, for another time. Karma is finally coming through with him. Wait till it gets putin, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.


Getting no kick backs from Walmart. but probably should – only gratitude they had the hindsight to install ev chargers.


This was a rough night with 4 stops in Emporia, Richmond, Alexandria, VA, and Frederick, Maryland Walmart’s for recharge. While my eta was 1 a.m., arrived in Harrisburg at 2:30 a.m.

My first stop was Faulkner Nissan as they had a fast charger! Had called prior when making the 4 stop arrangements and a salesman listened and laughed as he heard my glee to his 24 hour fast charging machine. No mansplaining here and I was in charger heaven. The machine worked and was charged up in 40 minutes.

Now it was 3 am and too cold to stay in the car for the night. Called a local hotel chain and negotiated a cheaper rate after an on line blunder, however, later found I was charged full price for a 4 am to 9:30 am stay.

Well, it was a good 5 hour sleep, and maybe it should be called Motel 5 rather than 6?

Planned to visit my friend in PA but upon checking the map knew the Leaf would never make it to my friend’s home in Central Penn’s farmlands of America without requiring an additional charge. Checked the expedia web site and rented a “special deal” gas car from budget at 4 am. Had never traversed that part of the country and it was lovely, with a horrific rain storm, but still lovely. Stopped at an Amish farm purchasing organic honey, and once again wordpress will not allow the pic of the farm nor the honey in the blog. Oh well.. Here’s the information should you wish to purchase some amazing honey.

Beiler Bees 3471 Penns Valley Road Spring Mills, PA 16875 814-422-0306

Glad they didn’t block this, maybe the friendly Amish girl can make a few bucks. What a tasty find.

Visit was amazing but once again burned in PA when I discovered the car rental cost to be over $100. for a 6 hour trip.

Note to self: Nothing free in this life, and read the fine print.

Guess EU car rental rates have caught up in America.

Only one more day and a long one.

Stay tuned for the climax.

Late Entry

While I mentioned my disappointing night in North Carolina, I neglected to mention the ease of the I-95 journey through South Carolina. One would think it the opposite but in South Carolina Walmart’s have banks of ev stations in their parking lot.

While only one Chademo high speed charger is available at these banks there was no wait time. Also, Walmart is open till 11pm, affords a potty, and shopping makes the two hour charging on the fast charger fly by. While I took a pic of these, WordPress will not allow download?, however, here’s a pic from an emoji file which is similar to what is found at Walmarts.

Only difference — neon flashing lights surround the entire charger and they glow.

Drifted through to the Virginia Welcome Center. Virginia has an AP which I downloaded and understood in the Visitor Center but couldn’t figure it out once on the road. And after following the directions given found myself at a Tesla charger. In speaking with someone on the street was told of chargers at Walmart. Was grateful to learn this as my charge was low.

Yeah! Virginia Walmarts have chargers!!

From here the journey became one Virginia Walmart to the next making the drive easy. While maps are good and people try to be helpful information on sites are not 100% accurate and lack phone numbers. Therefore, you travel to a site and it may not be working, or it may be a Tesla fast charging site, or even under construction.

Here a shout out goes to the following charging companies staff:

  • Electrify America- when I called in tears the gal pulled a rabbit out of the hat and found me a station..
  • Charge Point

They always seem to be able to locate something in a pinch.

Also, want to thank the many hotel personnel who allowed me to camp out in their lobbies accessing their wifi in search of a charging station.

There were so many kind individuals. Americans are special folk.

On to Pennsylvania..

Missed A Day

So much has happened in the time since last writing. Spent an overnight at a North Carolina Nissan dealership charging the car. Am told all Nissan dealerships have slow chargers which take 4 to 6 hours for a full charge, however it’s still a charge. I was lucky so call first because some dealerships shut off the chargers after hours.

When I realized I was stuck in Florence, North Carolina, and would not make it to the next charging station took a route 20 miles off I 95 to Sumter. Though I didn’t want to loose 40 miles you do what you have to. Nissan also has a tow service program the first year of EV ownership which is free but at 9pm didn’t want to chance it.

However, once at the charging station, (which was located at a hotel and some have these), didn’t have a google and apple id so couldn’t use the charger. Found another site in a apartment complex but besides it being a slow charge it also charged a parking charge of $2.16/hour, so for an 8 hour charge of 80 miles I was looking at $32. Have found many places charge for parking as you charge the vehicle. Earlier in the day paid $10.50 at Tybee Beach, GA for 2 hours of parking while charging…

While the charging infrastructure is lacking, Clemmie, my Nissan EV Leaf named for Winston Churchill’s wife, drives like a dream, is quiet, and pick up is phenomenal. I am quite pleased – also the trade in on the bruised Kia Soul, another good vehicle, made the temptation great. Also, the government incentive helps. And Uncle Sam pays for home plug install as well.

Like marriage you never know till you do it.

Tesla charging stations are omnipresent and am investigating a J1773 adaptor so I can hook into this power source. Tesla also has an EV charging station locator built in. Have heard their prices are decreasing but not endorsing any vehicle.

Thus far have a few tidbits to share:

  • Keep the cell phone charged, Check out outside store and business outlets in a pinch for a cell phone recharge.
  • Carry a portable charger for the cell phone. It’s a necessity.
  • Some chargers are free, however after a half hour check to see if they are working properly, thus far I’ve been stuck twice with these freebies. Is anything in life free??
  • Always have a paper map for finding small towns, calculating distances. I know I’m old, but you never know where these things are. Found one in the middle of a field and it worked!.
  • Talk to fellow folks charging. They have much information and may answer the questions you don’t know to ask.
  • Know you Apple id/log on, all passwords. File in my email folders or use an address book. Again, I’m old.
  • Stores are catching on to chargers – outlet malls especially, Walmarts, hotels..
  • This government web site is helpful

Journey continues tomorrow………

1000 Mile Journey With An EV: Day 1

I didn’t get it when the salesperson rolled his eyes after purchasing the EV, (electronic vehicle), and telling him I was taking her on a 1000 mile journey north. All I had read saying car chargers and their accessibility were off. Tesla, which requires a different charger and not the universal adaptor are plentiful, however, for my trusty Leaf this is not the case.

Started at 5:30 am stopping at the local malls as had somehow lost my second set of keys shopping. While I was unsuccessful had the back up so will be fine. Perhaps this is my last ordeal in buying a car as mercury was in retrograde?? Shall see, but keeping my sense of humor. Maybe St. Anthony will work?? Doubtful, since I left the church after Roe vs. Wade. After the priest scandals, and what the church did to our indigenous population – I had enough. Still believe in God, however, we’ve had words.

But, back to the car………….

Charged the car 100% for Day 1, but needed a charge 70 miles out. Car has a 152 mile battery according to some sources but one needs to start finding charging sites once at 70 miles. Any usage of battery components for radio, heat, a.c., etc.. effects battery life so am using none. Sad, as the car offers much. One good note while idling in those long lines waiting for construction etc.. battery usage is not impacted. Don’t ask me why?

I located a free slow charger in Jacksonville at a friendly Subaru dealership. These take 4 to 6 to 8 for a charge. While the gals welcomed me they told me they know nothing about EV’s which I have found the universal statement from all dealerships.

You think they’d try to learn something, huh??

Well, gotta get get going..

Will try to write daily as think this needs to be known..

Toot.. Toot..

The Case That May Do Him In


While the pundits claim the most problematic of the 20 plus tr lawsuits is the Georgia phone call, the E. Jean Carroll suit from the 1990’s, is becoming the the most contentious and aiming for trial. Not only is rape claimed, (she has the dress, and DNA doesn’t lie), he has severely defamed this woman’s character.


In the newly released deposition which occurred in October, the former president for 5 1/2 hours continued to call Ms. Carroll, a nut job, writing a bad book, the allegations a scam, and of course in true tr fashion threatened to sue the lawyer as well as countersue E. Jean Carroll.

What I found of particular interest when researching this were the public comments associated with a Yahoo article. Maga folks stated this should go to trial with one saying they tire of his active pleas for cash knowing it is pays his bills. Several others mentioned since he is a candidate for presidency the RNC no longer pays for court cases. Guess folks are catching on to that as well.


Lawyers representing tr now ask for money up front. tr uses his campaign funds to pay these lawyers, and this is illegal. Lawyers taking monies in this fashion are putting their careers in jeopardy. This is the next investigation, come on Leticia James – get on it! Or maybe this is federal??