New Year Day Feng Shui Tips

Have been reading of and studying Feng Shui for almost 50 years. While some consider it “out there,” I have found it to be extremely helpful. Each year on New Year’s Day I do the following tips and for those years I haven’t, the year has been challenging. While giving free Feng Shui advice is a no-no I ask if you read the tips you send me thoughts of a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2023 as payment.

The tips:

  • Clean your house on New Year’s Day
  • Move 27 items to a different place – shift the salt and pepper shakers, move to shift energies
  • Eat round foods, the Dutch eat donuts
  • Eat cabbage
  • Change your sheets
  • Laugh all day
  • After cleaning take an old spoon and scoop out all the bad energy from each room. Go to a crossroad and bury the spoon. Drive or walk away and don’t look back.

For those who wish to pursue Feng Shui further recommend the following:

Carol Olmstead –

She also has three books available on Amazon. Have found these to be excellent gifts for those clutter folks who need guidance.

Her consultations are spot on and will increase your prosperity, health, love and family life.

Give it a try for 2023.

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