Unfu*k Yourself

Having no plans for New Years decided to listen to this 3 hour audio book. Written and read by the Scottish author it is a game changer with 9 chapters of the impassioned author giving his reader direction. While I’m sure the book is an amazing reference hearing the author read his work brings these themes to life in a more vivid fashion.

He begins the book asking the reader if they are willing to undertake this journey of change. His ideas are insightful, and provide levity to the task at hand. The next chapters, “I am Wired to Win,” “I Got This,” preps the reader for the more in-depth lessons which follow.

As one who strives for certainty, Chapter 5, ” I Embrace the Uncertainty,” was something I had not read in a book of this genre. He regales, nothing is certain and don’t strive for it which led to Chapter 6, “I Am Not My Thoughts.”

Some takeaways from these two Chapters to jump start your 2023,

  • ACT – change your life by changing your actions
  • Separate your thoughts from who you are
  • It’s all about action
  • Life is now
  • Even if you don’t know how to start that’s the place to start – Google your problem/idea, research, take courses, enlist the support of others
  • Action may not bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action
  • Face your fears and when you aren’t in the mood or doubting yourself … ACT

Chapter 7 – “I Am Relentless,” here Gary discussed, “The Arnold,” and how as a young man in Austria his dream was to act in movies. Others laughed, but he was relentless, and while risks are uncomfortable he pushed forward, followed his heart, and ignored the naysayers. People tend to hold you back when your journey is outside of the herd, but keep moving no matter what, be relentless.

Chapter 8 – “Expect Nothing and Accept Everything,” held the theme of living in the moment with no expectations, and when the game changes, pivot. Life is a dance, not a march. So true.

Photo by Marko Zirdum on Pexels.com

Gary ended his tale with 2 final comments,

  • Stop doing what you currently are doing.
  • Start taking action to propel yourself forward.


His next book is due shortly, Wise As Fu*k, Simple Truths to Get You Through The Sh*t Storms of Life.

This from a man who lists priests as those he coaches.

What a hoot!

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