Stalemate: GOP

Interesting all the problems the House is having electing a Speaker. Guess kevin mc carthy is going into Day 3 without a gavel. There are several potential bridesmaids in waiting. Here they are:

  • Jim Jordan – he doesn’t want the role and quite frankly I am grateful. It is the one smart thing this guy has ever done. he isn’t capable, and lingering history from his Ohio wrestling coach days are still alive. Look it up. What a miscarriage of justice he did to those young men he was to protect.
  • Steve Scalise – Louisiana – recall he was the one gunned down at a DC baseball game. I always recall meeting a senior from his district outside a Broadway play in NYC. She had nothing but animosity for the man stating he got the best health care in the world after his injuries but wouldn’t allow his constituents to have Medicaid. That says it all.
  • Byron Donalds – a black man from Florida in his infancy in the House but got 20 votes thus far. He’s 44, and born in Brooklyn so he has two things in his favor. Started his career in Florida State House in 2016. Promising.
  • Fred Upton – though retired in 2023 has a long history of competent governance, and would probably be the best choice, however, is a long shot but with this craziness one never knows. After the strong leadership by Nancy there needs someone who wants to govern rather than investigate.

What will it be – Ohio, Louisiana, Florida, or Michigan as we sure know it isn’t going to be..

However, if mc carthy wants this so badly he’ll need to go to the Dems and here’s what they want:

  • An abortion bill passed
  • Passage on budget extension bills – no closing of government
  • No investigations of Dems and prior legislation
  • And these are the only known items on their agenda.

With 7000 boxes of pizza being delivered tonight, it is going to be one long night and who knows if anything will be accomplished.

Caveat: Written 1/4/23 at 7:45 pm

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