The Me-Too Movement

On this 5th anniversary I am reflecting on my personal Me-Too situation. While I would like to say congratulations, as they are in order, perhaps simply acknowledging the milestone is more appropriate.

I was affected by the actions of a physician boss who when I did not respond to his requests ruined my New York City hospital administration career, and I was fired. To support myself I returned to staff nursing.

While working as a staff nurse I continued interviewing for administrative positions until a human resource manager revealed that the hospital human resources is a connected one. He stated human resource staff call around to their community of human resources staff about candidates.

A mere phone call destroys any candidate.

So while laws protect no law can protect against the phone.

While angered by this human resource manager’s honesty I accepted my plight. I no longer submitted resumes, and continued as a staff nurse. I accepted my destroyed career. Eventually, a disability created an early retirement age, and I became a blogger. Ha!Ha!

At times I wonder what became of that vandal who stole my career, however, I change my thoughts.

I’m sure karma has handled his fate.

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