Never kevin

As of this writing this campaign continues. Our Government is not working, and leadership is in limbo to coin a phrase from CBS news. And for those Stephen Colbert fans his monologue is becoming funnier and funnier. Tune in for a laugh, a real belly one.

One good thing from this debacle is women have rose to the challenge.

Cheryl Johnson – This African American woman with a law degree from Howard, and a long history of government service has held this job for 4 years. In the absence of a House leader she is in charge, and has effectively run this proceeding ensuring decorum. While her usual duties is certifying bills and delivering messages to the Senate her role has exponentially grown. Those additional degrees in communication and journalism have kicked in to carry her in this new role, and as former Director of Government Relations at the Smithsonian Museum she certainly will go down in history.

Patty Murphy – A Democrat from the State of Washington is in succession to the Presidency after the Vice President in the absence of a Speaker of the House. On Tuesday she became the first female Senate president pro tempore, the second-highest-ranking position in the chamber. This 72 year old gal was recently elected to her 6th term, and in internet articles she is quoted as feeling the gravity of this position. Glad someone is. Thanks, Cheryl and Patty.

The world is watching.

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