The Leaf

Purchased the Nissan Leaf this week. This is the electronic vehicle which allows a $7500. federal rebate, and the home connection, which in my case is another $750., reimbursed. Car price was similar to a fuel charged vehicle with minimal upgrades, and “she” gets 260 miles to a charge. Am told charges can take a half hour to an hour, and will learn how to access those sites via a cell phone AP.

Since I believe in the climate change science been considering this purchase for 2 years. When “Joe,” gave the incentive decided it was time. Interesting enough had learned of the Leaf while on a ferry crossing a fjord in Norway. While Norwegians have acquired most of their wealth from the glut of oil in the Black Sea they are one of the most progressive green countries on the planet. This man currently had 2 electric vehicles, (EVs), and offered positive information about the Leaf.

There was no increase in insurance cost, and am told that recharge prices are nominal with some free? Was quoted $5.00 for “fill up,” meaning recharge, and shall see. Though I wasn’t a fan of the black color it grew on me. Interesting fact… most cars purchased are either white or black according to the salesman. The dealership received 2 EV’s in the last 6 months, and they were unsure what inventory would be received for the remainder of 2023.

Something to think about……………

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