Privacy Concerns

After purchasing my EV received a “free” gift of $100 to charge the vehicle at EVgo, which their web site touts as the nation’s fastest charging network. While not usually a skeptic have become one since my last data breach when I was searching for a butter nut squash soup recipe. Whatever the soup cost it was another $145 to clean the computer and I was grateful to only have that concern.

Am still getting cogent emails from blue chip companies with crazed email addresses. While no longer receiving erectile dysfunction emails, am now getting toenail fungus ones. Guess they got wind of my age, and now realize I have different health concerns.

I digress… Decided to look at EVgo’s privacy concerns and this is what I found. This is straight from their email.

Personal Information we collect

We collect several categories of Personal Information from and about you, namely, Personal Information we collect:

CategorySpecific Items of Personal Information
IdentifiersFirst and last name, user name (which may include first and last name), email address, postal address, unique personal identifier, e.g., customer/account name or number, phone number, mobile device identifier
DemographicDate, national origin, country of residence
Characteristics of protected classifications under California or federal lawAge, gender
Commercial InformationPersonal property records, products/services purchased, purchasing/consuming history or tendencies
Internet or other electronic network activityBrowsing, session, interaction, and search history related to our Website, Internet Protocol (or IP) address, protocol, and sequence information, cookies, beacons, pixel tags, browser language and type, time and date of access to the Services, number of clicks per visit, operating system and platform, device type and device identifiers, MAC address, device ID/UDID, or similar device-specific code
GeolocationPhysical location or movements
Sensory informationVoice and/or video recording
Professional or employment informationEmployer, employment history, information from professional references, email address that identifies you (e.g., versus
Inferences drawn from any of the above to create a profile of a consumerPersonal preferences, characteristics, psychological trends, predispositions, behavior, attitudes, intelligence, abilities, and aptitudes
Other informationInsurance policy numbers

You might as well strip naked for the $100., because if you take the deal you’ve sold your soul and identity.

Word to the wise – start reading these things, I am.

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