China Data

Wish this title reflected a discussion about dishes, but we all know what this is about. Once again china is lying about covid cases and numbers. They went from total lockdown to a historical number of cases, to the following day stating they have had 25 cases of deaths from covid as of the beginning of December. At least with the current outbreak it keeps jinping busy from thoughts of waring with Taiwan. Maybe this virus could infiltrate their military and russia’s as well? Only in dreams but a real possibility.

It certainly would make life easier for Democracy.

Pto by CDC on

China has a 40% vaccination rate, and those vaccinated are mainly elderly, however, who knows?? The efficacy of their vaccines are questionable. Good the US has reinstituted mandatory testing on those traveling from China.

That’s the end of the good news for today. HA! HA!

And for those who haven’t received the newest booster for this culprit, please do, and a flu shot as well.


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