A Leaf Falls

Have found the Leaf to be very computerized with many AP connections to get rolling. As a computer nincompoop it has been a learning curve with Apple Play to access Google Maps, Blue Tooth, Siri, and then there is the charging. Thought I was purchasing a car with 260 miles charging capacity, however, after purchasing the vehicle found 212 miles was the capacity. Those 50 miles make a difference especially when there are few charging stations in your area.

The sales person stated not to let the charge go to zero which I learned why last night. When coming back from the delightful Ukrainian Ballet performance of Sleeping Beauty I discovered my charge was at 45%,, however, it quickly faded. Thinking there was a charging station nearby, and unable to get Blue Tooth functional, my search for charging stations produced none within my range. While driving to a gas station where I thought I had seen chargers 2 deer leaped in front of the vehicle. Thinking I was in the clear I slowed and swerved only to hear, “ker plunk,” on the side of the car. There was a third deer, and while I wanted to stop was unable as now the charge was for 15 miles.

Made it to the gas station in 8 miles only to find they had no chargers. What I had seen from the road resembling chargers up close were cones. Yuck! Quickly changing course I ventured to the Nissan dealership where I knew a charger was available. Upon making it to Nissan with barely a wisp of electrons left I saw locked gates. Had to navigate between cars parked in front of the gates and between vehicles to make the charging station cords reach the car. This was 6:40 pm, and found upon turning on the charger I had to stay till 3 a.m. for a full charge. Considered leaving the car and getting a Lyft but between texting, answering emails, phone calling my daughter for wedding plans update, journaling on some stashed stationery in the car, and doing the rosary – all 4 decades – the time passed to 11:30 pm when I found the car charged to 71%. WHEW!

This morning I returned to the dealership and trusty Steve gave further insights and review into using the car. Think one needs a degree in computer science to operate a new vehicle now days. What patience this man has.

While stuck Sunday evening left a message with my loyal electric company, All Star Electric, of St. Augustine. After the receptionist received my call she spoke with Todd, the owner, and he has rearranged his schedule to accommodate me. He and hise son, Tristin, will be here Wednesday morning to install the plug from the stove outlet. Another WHEW! How I love this company, and if in St. Augustine needing electric service give them a jingle. I know they don’t need the work, but better folks you’ll never meet. They are RELIABLE, a word a single woman with home ownership needs.

So, final update… Drum roll….. The deer, God rest her or his soul did $180 worth of damage to the back of the car. The bumper needs to be removed and some under panel restored with another plastic piece. My third WHEW! of this article. And wouldn’t you know it the body place is on the same road as the deer misadventure last night. No remnants of deer debris, or the like were seen so perhaps Bambi made it?!

I am now seeking a portable electronic car charging device.

Looks like more Hail Marys are needed for this but Mary has never let me down.

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