The Case That May Do Him In


While the pundits claim the most problematic of the 20 plus tr lawsuits is the Georgia phone call, the E. Jean Carroll suit from the 1990’s, is becoming the the most contentious and aiming for trial. Not only is rape claimed, (she has the dress, and DNA doesn’t lie), he has severely defamed this woman’s character.


In the newly released deposition which occurred in October, the former president for 5 1/2 hours continued to call Ms. Carroll, a nut job, writing a bad book, the allegations a scam, and of course in true tr fashion threatened to sue the lawyer as well as countersue E. Jean Carroll.

What I found of particular interest when researching this were the public comments associated with a Yahoo article. Maga folks stated this should go to trial with one saying they tire of his active pleas for cash knowing it is pays his bills. Several others mentioned since he is a candidate for presidency the RNC no longer pays for court cases. Guess folks are catching on to that as well.


Lawyers representing tr now ask for money up front. tr uses his campaign funds to pay these lawyers, and this is illegal. Lawyers taking monies in this fashion are putting their careers in jeopardy. This is the next investigation, come on Leticia James – get on it! Or maybe this is federal??




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