1000 Mile Journey With An EV: Day 1

I didn’t get it when the salesperson rolled his eyes after purchasing the EV, (electronic vehicle), and telling him I was taking her on a 1000 mile journey north. All I had read saying car chargers and their accessibility were off. Tesla, which requires a different charger and not the universal adaptor are plentiful, however, for my trusty Leaf this is not the case.

Started at 5:30 am stopping at the local malls as had somehow lost my second set of keys shopping. While I was unsuccessful had the back up so will be fine. Perhaps this is my last ordeal in buying a car as mercury was in retrograde?? Shall see, but keeping my sense of humor. Maybe St. Anthony will work?? Doubtful, since I left the church after Roe vs. Wade. After the priest scandals, and what the church did to our indigenous population – I had enough. Still believe in God, however, we’ve had words.

But, back to the car………….

Charged the car 100% for Day 1, but needed a charge 70 miles out. Car has a 152 mile battery according to some sources but one needs to start finding charging sites once at 70 miles. Any usage of battery components for radio, heat, a.c., etc.. effects battery life so am using none. Sad, as the car offers much. One good note while idling in those long lines waiting for construction etc.. battery usage is not impacted. Don’t ask me why?

I located a free slow charger in Jacksonville at a friendly Subaru dealership. These take 4 to 6 to 8 for a charge. While the gals welcomed me they told me they know nothing about EV’s which I have found the universal statement from all dealerships.

You think they’d try to learn something, huh??

Well, gotta get get going..

Will try to write daily as think this needs to be known..

Toot.. Toot..

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