Missed A Day

So much has happened in the time since last writing. Spent an overnight at a North Carolina Nissan dealership charging the car. Am told all Nissan dealerships have slow chargers which take 4 to 6 hours for a full charge, however it’s still a charge. I was lucky so call first because some dealerships shut off the chargers after hours.

When I realized I was stuck in Florence, North Carolina, and would not make it to the next charging station took a route 20 miles off I 95 to Sumter. Though I didn’t want to loose 40 miles you do what you have to. Nissan also has a tow service program the first year of EV ownership which is free but at 9pm didn’t want to chance it.

However, once at the charging station, (which was located at a hotel and some have these), didn’t have a google and apple id so couldn’t use the charger. Found another site in a apartment complex but besides it being a slow charge it also charged a parking charge of $2.16/hour, so for an 8 hour charge of 80 miles I was looking at $32. Have found many places charge for parking as you charge the vehicle. Earlier in the day paid $10.50 at Tybee Beach, GA for 2 hours of parking while charging…

While the charging infrastructure is lacking, Clemmie, my Nissan EV Leaf named for Winston Churchill’s wife, drives like a dream, is quiet, and pick up is phenomenal. I am quite pleased – also the trade in on the bruised Kia Soul, another good vehicle, made the temptation great. Also, the government incentive helps. And Uncle Sam pays for home plug install as well.

Like marriage you never know till you do it.

Tesla charging stations are omnipresent and am investigating a J1773 adaptor so I can hook into this power source. Tesla also has an EV charging station locator built in. Have heard their prices are decreasing but not endorsing any vehicle.

Thus far have a few tidbits to share:

  • Keep the cell phone charged, Check out outside store and business outlets in a pinch for a cell phone recharge.
  • Carry a portable charger for the cell phone. It’s a necessity.
  • Some chargers are free, however after a half hour check to see if they are working properly, thus far I’ve been stuck twice with these freebies. Is anything in life free??
  • Always have a paper map for finding small towns, calculating distances. I know I’m old, but you never know where these things are. Found one in the middle of a field and it worked!.
  • Talk to fellow folks charging. They have much information and may answer the questions you don’t know to ask.
  • Know you Apple id/log on, all passwords. File in my email folders or use an address book. Again, I’m old.
  • Stores are catching on to chargers – outlet malls especially, Walmarts, hotels..
  • This government web site is helpful afdc.energy.gov

Journey continues tomorrow………

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