Late Entry

While I mentioned my disappointing night in North Carolina, I neglected to mention the ease of the I-95 journey through South Carolina. One would think it the opposite but in South Carolina Walmart’s have banks of ev stations in their parking lot.

While only one Chademo high speed charger is available at these banks there was no wait time. Also, Walmart is open till 11pm, affords a potty, and shopping makes the two hour charging on the fast charger fly by. While I took a pic of these, WordPress will not allow download?, however, here’s a pic from an emoji file which is similar to what is found at Walmarts.

Only difference — neon flashing lights surround the entire charger and they glow.

Drifted through to the Virginia Welcome Center. Virginia has an AP which I downloaded and understood in the Visitor Center but couldn’t figure it out once on the road. And after following the directions given found myself at a Tesla charger. In speaking with someone on the street was told of chargers at Walmart. Was grateful to learn this as my charge was low.

Yeah! Virginia Walmarts have chargers!!

From here the journey became one Virginia Walmart to the next making the drive easy. While maps are good and people try to be helpful information on sites are not 100% accurate and lack phone numbers. Therefore, you travel to a site and it may not be working, or it may be a Tesla fast charging site, or even under construction.

Here a shout out goes to the following charging companies staff:

  • Electrify America- when I called in tears the gal pulled a rabbit out of the hat and found me a station..
  • Charge Point

They always seem to be able to locate something in a pinch.

Also, want to thank the many hotel personnel who allowed me to camp out in their lobbies accessing their wifi in search of a charging station.

There were so many kind individuals. Americans are special folk.

On to Pennsylvania..

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