To Pennsylvania..

John Fetterman Country- Love the man and while I couldn’t vote, I contributed regularly. Some folks just need to stay stars, and not be politicians. Know your skill set, and also where you live. As for the orange prez, for another time. Karma is finally coming through with him. Wait till it gets putin, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.


Getting no kick backs from Walmart. but probably should – only gratitude they had the hindsight to install ev chargers.


This was a rough night with 4 stops in Emporia, Richmond, Alexandria, VA, and Frederick, Maryland Walmart’s for recharge. While my eta was 1 a.m., arrived in Harrisburg at 2:30 a.m.

My first stop was Faulkner Nissan as they had a fast charger! Had called prior when making the 4 stop arrangements and a salesman listened and laughed as he heard my glee to his 24 hour fast charging machine. No mansplaining here and I was in charger heaven. The machine worked and was charged up in 40 minutes.

Now it was 3 am and too cold to stay in the car for the night. Called a local hotel chain and negotiated a cheaper rate after an on line blunder, however, later found I was charged full price for a 4 am to 9:30 am stay.

Well, it was a good 5 hour sleep, and maybe it should be called Motel 5 rather than 6?

Planned to visit my friend in PA but upon checking the map knew the Leaf would never make it to my friend’s home in Central Penn’s farmlands of America without requiring an additional charge. Checked the expedia web site and rented a “special deal” gas car from budget at 4 am. Had never traversed that part of the country and it was lovely, with a horrific rain storm, but still lovely. Stopped at an Amish farm purchasing organic honey, and once again wordpress will not allow the pic of the farm nor the honey in the blog. Oh well.. Here’s the information should you wish to purchase some amazing honey.

Beiler Bees 3471 Penns Valley Road Spring Mills, PA 16875 814-422-0306

Glad they didn’t block this, maybe the friendly Amish girl can make a few bucks. What a tasty find.

Visit was amazing but once again burned in PA when I discovered the car rental cost to be over $100. for a 6 hour trip.

Note to self: Nothing free in this life, and read the fine print.

Guess EU car rental rates have caught up in America.

Only one more day and a long one.

Stay tuned for the climax.

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