Last Leg…

After my wonderful trek through the Pennsylvania Appalachian Mountain Chain started for New York State. But before the trek had more challenges – was credit card scammed once again – second time in 3 months – and left my favorite umbrella at the Budget office. After locating the back up charge card and picking up the umbrella was on my way.

Oh Z please end those russian scammer.

In my investigation was grateful to read Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York State, is on it with fast speed chargers within 50 miles by 2025. Only problem Kath, the web site has them built already, and they are not. Spoiler alert – if the station has a number, call before taking the drive.

In Binghamton stopped at a truck stop and mapped out the remainder of the journey. Once off I-81 in NYS, and finding the ev charging station was not yet built, decided to go for it with what charge was left. The drive included a snow storm from Binghamton to home base, Auburn, but safely followed a truck on I 81. While on I 81 noted a dash message regarding a defunct sensor but was unable to read the paragraph and drive as well.

After leaving the gas station WAZE put me on a road through NYS farmlands. This 17 mile road connected to Route 5, the direct road into Auburn. While initially terrified with the snow pounding and the road challenging decided to recall my days as a child sleigh riding and enjoyed the ride. It was much fun at 20 mph and will be a ride I will never forget.

Grateful to see Route 20 with 12 miles to Auburn, the sleigh ride ended, Enjoyed traveling through historic Skaneateles and the other small towns along the route. Stopped at a Ford dealership for a slow charge only to find the door covering the ev charging port frozen shut. Guess that was the sensor problem? With 20 miles left to charge high tailed it to Auburn arriving at midnight.

Journey ended… Time to unpack, arrange the lodgings, and a 4 a.m. bedtime.

I made it!

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