Auburn, New York: Day 1

This is where I am, 5 to 6 hours via the New York State Thruway, or I 87, northwest of New York City. Many do not realize there is a New York State beyond New York City. This region is truly Upstate New York, with its bucolic scenery filled with pastoral settings, and homes of the 1800’s, remnants of the Erie Canal, and a bygone era.

Come visit with me for a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience in the blogs ahead.


My first day in Auburn began with an 8 am wake up after 4 hours of much needed sleep. Since it was a Saturday knew I best check out the local Nissan dealership to check on the EV’s dash warning. The dealership was a short 3 mile jaunt from downtown Auburn and while I remained with charge to spare immediately plugged in upon arrival at the dealership. Knowing it would take 4 to 5 hours to complete the process had much to do and wanted to expedite the process.

After plugging in trekked in to the dealership show room and met Tim, a man of much knowledge, charm, and humor. He explained Auburn cab service, Leaf service, found some Auburn charging stations on the web, (which I already had but grateful for any assist), and other points to make my 13 week stay memorable and comfortable.

Didn’t realize Nissan had to have certified mechanics to work on each car brand. Since Tim had no certified Leaf mechanics in the future would have to visit dealerships 35 miles north in Syracuse for assistance.

That said no work was done on the car, however Tim surmised my sensor issues were probably due to the cold, and would disappear once the car warmed, which it did. He also lightly sprayed WD 40 on the ev charging station door which would prevent freezing, and recommended I do the same in frigid conditions.

Hats off to Tim, what a gem.

Stayed in the warm, computer accessible service waiting room surrounded by much love from Nissan salesmen, and friendly customers espousing the wonders of their Nissans. Nice to hear, and receive no financial gain from these words or any endorsements, though it would be nice and accepted.

Thank you Nissan of Auburn, New York.

Once charging was complete went on a scavenger hunt to find the 3 City charging stations both Tim and I found on the web. The first station was for government vehicles only and found behind the Auburn County Office Building. While the Canadian customer rep from the phone number listed on the charging station tried to link the car, she was unable. On to the second charging station at a local inn. Tried the AP, their customer service, and several inn staff for assistance, but was unable to connect. They say third time is a charm and in this case it was. At the County parking garage found two chargers, slow ones but functional, and this is where Clemmie, my Leaf EV, is to reside her Auburn days while in charging mode.


If there is an EV Heaven I have located it in the Lincoln Street Garage in Auburn, New York.

Here ends the saga of the 1000 mile EV journey. Wrote this blog while in my first week of overnights and this was equally challenging. A girl needs her rest.

Am once again working a night shift at a nearby hospital psych ward. Due to HIPPA all remains confidential. Enjoying the staff, patients, overall working situation, and even the cold with its crisp white snow. Will write sporadically as I find the time and energy. There is much to see in Auburn and am certain to catch the sites.

Thanks for taking this journey with me. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and buy an EV.

Mother Nature needs us to step up to save the planet.

The future of the Earth is in our decisions now.

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