Post 1368

Have written this many posts over the last 7 years?! Wow. Am trying to download them but unsure where the download is going. Hopefully, somewhere where I can access the information as no longer have photo albums for my travel pictures only blogs of the travels. And as to the phone can never find the photos, so delete them rather than giving Apple $2 a month.

All those little costs add up.

But, really do you ever truly revisit pictures taken???

I have volumes of photo albums and they only create dust.

Since I have been unable to insert photos on the blog have spent hours attempting to understand why. Two wordpress happiness engineers have had ideas, but no answers. This brought back memories of my gi misdiagnosis for the year 2022, so took matters into my own hands, which I did with my health. This brought a removed gall bladder and health returned, so gave the blog a shot.

After several hours, 6 or more, found wordpress does not accept .tiff files, but does accept .jpg files. Apparently .tiff files are only for smaller photos and a more secure way to insert photos. Why, and who made this change after 7 years I will never know as I didn’t ask for .tiff files. However, I will now make sure only to create or use .jpg files.

Great information which you wish you never had to learn or spend 6 hours trying to find out.


I can now understand how secret documents fall through the cracks.

Next adventure, off to the UPS Store to return the Tesla Adaptor which didn’t fit the Leaf Charger.

Oh, the challenges of technology.

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