William Seward

William Seward was a lawyer and American politician, (1801-1872), born in Florida, New York, but a lifelong resident of Auburn. He held several prominent positions in government as the sign outside his Auburn home states:

The Seward Home is closed till March, however, will be the first to visit upon opening.

Seward was an active abolitionist and the Harriet Tubman statute adjoins his property, a glowing tribute. His family were part of the Underground Railroad, and he assisted Harriet Tubman in the purchase of her home which lies a short distance from the Seward Home on the same street.

The Harriet Tubman Home

Seward was passed over as a presidential candidate in favor of Lincoln, however, Lincoln appointed him as Secretary of State. He is known to be one of the greatest Secretaries of State. On the night of Lincoln’s assassination an attempt was made on Seward’s life with several others injured in the attempt made by an associate of John Wilkes Booth.

For a fascinating recount of this incident:


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