Things to Do Within 30 Minutes of Auburn

Having found a charger a stones throw from my abode and free decided to explore the area. My first visit was:

What a great outlet mall with everything from Coach, H & M, Yankee Candle, several prominent shoe outlets, and an array of low price and high quality shops. They also have ev chargers – Tesla and Chademo. Was a fun visit and will return once I receive my first paycheck.

On the route out was also other interesting spots..

A rare find – a tea tasting store/cafe… What a delight!

And several wineries along the route with free tastings..

This spot has food as well..

A must visit – this Amish Furniture Store. Furniture that will last for generations.

And don’t forget to stop at the Casino. Classy place, great food and prices, and a spa.

One final spot – Montezuma National Wildlife Center

While the drive around the Refuge was closed, a short nature trail was available.

Next: The Dynasty Mall

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