Baby, it’s cold out here.

Walked to work in 22 degree below zero wind chill. It was frigid, and my face stung, but as I walked I felt happy even though I know I have a condo in sunny florida where I would not be facing these weather threats. Some folks will think me nuts, and I give them that, but being from the North, and knowing the politics of the south it is terrifying to live there.

When I moved south I met a woman raised south. She told me they were taught the reason for the Civil War was the south wanted to split from the North. There was no mention of slavery, or black peoples rights in the equation or teaching. Now 200 years later the current administration in florida is pushing the same premise blocking the teaching of black history, the ability of black people to vote. etc….. And why? To strive for white supremacy when as National Geographic Magazine has stated that by 2050, (if not sooner), we will be an American culture of caramel colored folk.

Besides creating extreme angst in my soul over these republican actions, it is scary and our Democracy continues to be at risk.

So in the meantime I will hang out in the North and enjoy the snow.

Maybe the sunshine is causing these adverse thoughts?

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