Stroll Down South Street

After an interesting 12 hour night shift woke and decided to take a walk. Auburn has many gorgeous Gothic Mansions of the 1800-1900 era on the street where the Seward Mansion lies so headed in that direction. Here I found the home of the Fay Family.

Here were 2 gorgeous homes of Fred Fay, the son of Edwin, who made his fortune in glove and mitten manufacturing. Edwin later turned to banking through Auburn Savings Bank and Fred continued in these footsteps.

For those with further interest, a web site to review.

The Fay’s stables..

The home has been converted into apartments.


Another prominent Auburn resident had his home on this street.

This is the second Secretary of State to reside on this street. Under Eisenhower Dulles constructed many Cold War policies post World War II with the Soviet Union. He was Wilson’s legal counsel at the Versailles peace talks at the end of World War I and helped prepare the United Nations charter. A Princeton graduate he was also educated at the Sorbonne and specialized in international law.


The Theodore Willard Case Home

This grandiose home is now on the grounds of a Presbyterian retreat, however, a spectacular grotto of the Virgin Mary remains on the property.

Mr. Case was a chemist and inventor of the sound on film processes. Auburn born into a prominent family, and educated at Yale, he joined forces with Fox for the creation of “talkies.” He died at 55 and is buried in the Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn, New York. Looks like another spot for me to investigate.

What fascinating Auburn residents.

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