Auburn, New York Abode

Am living in a dorm setting in Auburn, N.Y. At 66, it is a different way of life being surrounded by 18-21 year olds who are attending Cayuga Community College. I am the grandmother. Ha! Ha! The living area is communal with a couch, television, dining room, full kitchen minus an oven, a toilet and two showers for 4 tenants. Am doing things I should have done in my youth, but for $500. a month, no security deposit, the place is a real deal for a travel nurse.

After 3 weeks of living the bachelorette life another travel nurse has moved into the quad. And she came with a bundle of love, Mags. Living with a dog is an experience which I miss, however, am unable to make this full time commitment to a pooch.

Mags sitting on the chair as I exercise.

While my roommate is doing day orientation, Mags comes to visit as soon as she leaves. Mags is a female mutt, and a delight. Have no complaints about this lovely bitch, (she’s a female), and I already know will miss dog love once the 13 week gig is up.

Next: A stroll down Genesee Street..

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