Fort Hill Cemetery

What a spectacular cemetery and a must see for those cemetery enthusiasts. Here many prominent figures rest in peace.

The Chapel is at the beginning of the cemetery. While closed, was able to get a glimpse and picture of the Tiffany stained glass windows. Tiffany did much work in this area during this era.

The Cemetery began in 1851 with 22 acres, and the Chapel contains 14 Tiffany stained glass windows.

If you ever have the good fortune to visit the Cemetery, take a picture of this map to locate the sites of graves not to miss..

Some interesting headstones..

The Corning Family Plot

The Jewish section of the Cemetery. When people visit these headstones they leave a stone on top of the stone as a visit


The Seward Family Plot

The Harriet Tubman Plot – several family members are also interred around her. Note the heart of pinecones in front of the stone.

The Fay Family Mausoleum

The Fay family were industrialists who began their businesses selling gloves and mittens.

The Case Willard Family Plot – They began their fortunes in starch, and later their son, Theodore, a chemist, invented talkies.

What a fascinating tour of historical prominence.

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