Monday Blues

Writing this on Wednesday, and the saga continues.. 

If only it would rain that would make this a perfect awful Monday, however, wait..  I like rain.

Woke Monday morning after 3 hours of sleep with an 8:30 a.m. phone call from my daughter.  I never in my life recall a phone call at that time from her, so I took it.  She updated me on her latest work concern, and apologized for calling that early. 

Another first, but she’s 40 now, and things change.

Had been trying to connect to the internet till 3:30 a.m. Monday morn with no success.  Spoke with the nameless vendor who was rude and arrogant, then the weekend desk staff at the Hall, who was also unable to assist, and my actions were fruitless.


The Monday morning staff made many attempts to assist but were unable.  Even the maintenance man tried for an hour and he could not connect either the television nor the computer.   Why I had internet for 3 weeks and now had stopped was concerning or is it disconcerning – I never can figure that one out..

Inspecting the apartment utility closet revealed broken router connections with the equipment fallen off their shelving.  I also learned the building is on cloud service and I am not on the cloud?.  Am unsure how to connect to this cloud, however, a technician has been requested to visit the site.  While they were due Monday, another Tuesday call ensured a Wednesday a.m. visit.

As I bid adieu to the maintenance man I use the loo.  The toilet waters rise to the top and this is not a pretty site.  I attempt to flush using extra water and this does not work making the scene uglier.  It is now lunchtime and all those who could help are at lunch.

If only roses appeared from this mess..

I drive to the store for a super plunger and find an item which claims to be unstoppable, is.  It does not work.  This $10 item with an air pump attached to the plunger suction cup does not resolve the crisis.  Forced to use the air pump merely as a stick to plunge the situation resolution occurs in 15 minutes but the bathroom a unsanitary mess.

  I clean the area and myself, and am on to the library.

Here I find the condo insurance I purchased needing more information to seal the deal.  I am told I need a wind inspection.  Never had that criteria but perhaps this came from the special florida insurance sessions?  Who knew, as more time is spent in florida government on banning books, gays, punishing Disney, and ending Black History courses.  And they want to make this guy prez? I digress..

I contact the condo manager, former insurance company, and new insurance company for more information. The former insurer sends me an email saying I have this coverage. Will this work or do I need another $150 inspection? Later I receive a report from the condo manager. I forward all to the new insurer along with proof of property ownership and cross my fingers.


I receive a call from another insurance broker who states the company I am going with is defunct, and she can only offer a policy which is $970 a year so I best go with the company who doubled my rates to $780.  I enlighten her that the company with the $503 rate has confirmed via email that I have a policy.  A teaching moment for this broker. How could she not know this???????????.

I call the new $503 insurer and am told they are in business but the vendor who sells the policy is starting the policy 3/11 rather than 3/1.  We call the vendor and an Asian woman with broken English responds.  She says she will connect us to a licensed broker and this does not occur.

The friendly $503 insurer customer service staff says she must end the call, however, I cannot hear her as we now have loud music playing over our connection.  After 3 minutes of screaming the music ends.  She states I have a policy and I email the required documents to their endorsement division.

I have a policy!  Let us hope.

On to finding the whereabouts of my W-2s for my taxes.. The adventure continues with a 180 minute wait time for tech services, 80 for customer service, and a contact form which will not accept my information though formatted correctly.

I will write a letter.

One thought on “Monday Blues

  1. Hahhaha! OMG our manager at Sundance used one of those super plungers and wound up with his work pants covered in a stranger’s urine. I could not help but burst out laughing.


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