Spiritual Meaning of Fruit Flies

Did you ever look up the spiritual meanings of animals which come into your life? I began this when every journey I took was surrounded by deer. Was an awakening.

Right now my new abode is plagued with fruit flies. While not plentiful, annoying enough to have one or two fly past as I write this blog. Vinegar cures do not seem to work, nor chemical sprays. However, after reading this spiritual interpretation shall take them as a sign and a very positive message.

Here’s what Auntie Google has to say..

Fruit flies are the perfect symbols of spiritual growth and development, because they represent the process of metamorphosis. In the spiritual realm, a fruit fly is an individual who has undergone a profound transformation. They have gone from one state to another, and they are now able to see things in a new way.

Think I’m getting a powerful message.

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