Skaneateles, New York

Skaneateles lies on one of the several Finger Lakes. It is an affluent community of much beauty. Derek Jetter is rumored to be building a home here. Founded in 1830, it was originally part of the town of Marcellus, and was incorporated as a village in 1833.

According to the Skaneateles history page Irish immigrants came here to work in factories, industries, and on the Erie Canal. Others became farmers or merchants. Many wealthy New York City residents summered here due to the climate and beautiful waters.

Take a look..

The Historic Sherwood Inn

Aren’t these homes exquisite? And they overlook the Lake – what a view from the porch…

A modern beauty in the area..

A home which was on the Underground Railroad.

And for those who are interested in historic cemeteries – the Lakeview Cemetery

The Burrows Chapel – owner of the Burrows-Mohawk Mills built this Chapel.

Another interesting visit to a Finger Lakes small-town.

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