Syracuse University Art Museum

Have never been to Syracuse University before. Quite a sprawling campus, and was impressed by their eclectic art collection. The art arrangement reminded me of the Denver Art Museum where one picture is modern 20th century then the next a piece from centuries earlier, truly eclectic.

The current exhibit is Take Me to the Palace of Love – It is the works of Rina Banajee. Her representation of the Taj Mahal.

Next a 200-600 A.D. terra cotta from Peru.

View From West Point – a lovely work by William Louis Sonntag, Sr., circa 1860.

A print block from plywood which boarded store windows during the George Floyd riots.

Much of the work at this museum is from students, or former students and have political overtones.

The Teddy Roosevelt statute which no longer stands in front of the NYC Natural History Museum is one of these.

Roosevelt was known to be a US Imperialist, and his policies on the indigenous population were harsh. Considered to be a white supremacist he transferred 86 million Indian acres to the National Park System. He saw these people as a threat to white civilization. During his trip to Africa he killed 11,400 animals in one year. The statute was removed in 2022.

The Museum is increasing its collection of Indigenous People’s art.

Gayanenhsa goneh, by Brandon Lazore, of the Onondaga tribe, Snipe Clan, acquired 2021.

Madonna and Child, from the School of Raphael, circa 1500. This painting portrays the domestic nature of the Virgin Mary, infant Jesus, and the young St. John, the Baptist. Breathtaking.

White Haze, 1959, by Seymour Boardman


Some pictures of the Syracuse Campus..

Looks like we have some construction going on..

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