Eastman Kodak Exhibits

In the hallway leading to the Museum exhibits were some interesting historical cameras and paraphernalia associated with photography. Let’s take a look.

This wall contains bottles of color for the films. And a close up..

My how things have changed..

And some cameras for filming movies and beyond..

This 1967 gem was used in the Lunar Orbiter Program photographing both sides of the moon. Its pictures helped decide where the lunar landings would be for the Apollo space program.

Now, the historic cameras..

The Motiograph Deluxe Projector, circa 1928, was one of the last projectors used in the silent film industry.

Panaflex Gold II 35 mm camera. was a wide screen camera system created for MGM. Julia Roberts has also attended the Museum, and am sure her husband, a camera man, also visited to view these fascinating historic cameras.


The first exhibit was a collection of war photographs. Below are photos from the Civil War. Beyond this were photographs from other past wars. For war buffs they would be of interest, however, found them disturbing and will only include the below selection.

It is a revolving exhibit.

Next: Modern Photographers

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