The George Eastman House

What a beautiful home, my favorite even including the Newport Mansions! Here it is in pictures..

Entrance to the home is through the Museum.

The Dining Room

What a warm and elegant room.

The Conservatory

In the rear of the room is an organ which plays throughout the home visit.

The Billiard Room

Fireplace in the Billiard Room

The Library

The entrance and stairs to the second floor. The home is available for weddings. One can imagine how breath taking it must be to see a bride and bridal party photographed on these stairs.

The Living Room area

A portrait of George’s mother above the bookcase.

More of the living room, George’s desk. 85% of the items in the home are original.

George’s mothers bedroom and bath

In the remaining rooms there are camera exhibits, a children’s room, and home movies Eastman took of the home and farm. These films give a fascinating glimpse into Eastman’s life.

What a phenomenal visit. Upon leaving came across this statute of Phillip Seymour Hoffman in front of the Eastman Cinema. Originally from Fairport, New York, he is known to be one of the most talented and versatile actors of his time. He left us tragically at 46, and his eldest son, Cooper, recently was seen in Licorice Pizza. Captivating tribute to an amazing actor.

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