This state historical site was formerly the home of the Lincklaen family. John Lincklaen was an agent of the Holland Land Company that was responsible for the early development of the area. Under John Lincklaen’s guidance the area was settled, industries created, and an active, thriving community developed. The home was the seat of the Licklean/Ledyard family for 160 years.

The home, a Federalist Mansion style was built in the spring of 1807 and completed in October 1808.

Lakeview from Lorenzo’s porch.

Shall we say priceless?

While not open during the winter months rambled through the snowy grounds imagining the summer garden growth.

The Stables and Visitor’s Center

The Garden Entrance and Children’s Playhouse

According to signage the Garden Walk was designed as an extension of the main hall of the mansion.

Think I need a summer visit to take in the gardens.

Built in approximately 1850, this cottage was designed for the residents only child, Helen Lincklaen Fairchild. It served as a playhouse for 5 generations of the family.

A closing view of the Lake walking back to the Inn.

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