The Calamari Sisters – Ruth and Carmella

Didn’t know what to expect from this show but knew I needed to laugh and this was an answer to a prayer. Two “gals” from Brooklyn sang, did jokes, made jelly shots, and created mayhem based on the life and times of the 1980’s. What a hoot!

Here they are in their final number – 1980’s music will never be the same.

Whoever thought 2 Pampered Chef, independent consultants, could create such a ruckus with their jokes and stories, parading and dancing their way through the audience. Catch them at or 347-349-5579.

More shots, actually a recipe for their Jello Shots – distributed to audience members who aced the Play That Tune question.

Here they are visiting with the audience promoting Habitat For Humanity donations.

And get a load of Ruthie’s boots..

Then there is the flirting with the boys..

Girls just gotta have fun!

The audience participation game shows..

Here’s their biz card, look them up for a nite of fun filled with laughter..

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