New play attributed to the life of the legendary Bob Fosse, however, there was little mention of the man’s life nor of his wife and co-choreographer Gwen Verdon. This play could have been much more if this was incorporated into the mish-mash of dances. There was no rhyme or reason for the dances as they appeared, and while I love dance, for $96., I expected more.

Maybe a story line???

That said perhaps I am getting old as the 20-40 year old folks surrounding me went mad for the play. And I must admit the dances were well done, however, not particularly innovative.

So, all that said I have panned Fosse, and money would be better spent at a Lincoln Center ballet.

Leaving the theater walked to my hostel in the upper 80’s – let’s take a look at New York City in spring bloom once more.

Oh, those NYC birds can be so creative. Here’s one building a nest in a roll of wire.

Romeo and Juliet Statute outside the Central Park Shakespeare Festival Auditorium

And in closing an evening shot of Lincoln Center flower pots..

Can never get enough tulips. Must be my Albany Dutch upbringing..


This new opera premiered in St. Louis in 2013, and was the first composed by Terence Blanchard. In his work he depicts the life of Emile Griffith, a world-champion boxer born in the Virgin Islands who emigrated to New York City. Prior to finding his calling in the ring he worked in a hat factory. The opera touches on many of the difficulties Emile faced in the 1960’s as a bisexual.

The music was beautiful, passionate, and the story line fascinating. Set design was impeccable. My only complaint -3 hours is too long for a performance.

Besides the amazing opera another show took place watching the NYC crowd in their finery. While I took few pics as the prominent deserve anonymity, being in that ambience was something to behold.

The Lincoln Center Doorman

And did I catch a man in a skirt??

I certainly did!

And always amazing, the stage and house…

Dantza to Willa Kim

An exterior shot of the Library for the Performing Arts

You never know where things will lead when you travel. On this day of my NYC adventure found a free movie at the New York Public Library – Dantza. While I wasn’t a fan of the movie decided to be respectful and stay for an hour, but enough is enough when things don’t fit your taste. Life is too short.

As I began to leave the lobby this handsome gent caught my attention.

From Sophisticated Ladies where Ms. Kim won her first Tony.

Then I saw the exhibit signage..

And read Ms. Kim’s bio..

And I was hooked – and glad I was as it was one of my all time favorite exhibits. It may be yours as well…

Her designs for the 1991 Will Roger Follies where she won her second Tony.

Pictures and designs from Sophisticated Ladies where she won her first Tony in 1981. Ms. Kim, a Korean American remains a foremost designer for dance and ballet production with 200 shows to her credit. She was innovative in the use of synthetic stretch fabrics and dyeing techniques for her costume design. Upon her death in 2016, she gifted her archive to the New York Public Library where it permanently resides at the Billy Rose Theater Division.

One of her most famous designs was for a 1989 Super Bowl commercial. The sponsor was Regina Wine Vinegar and the model wore a salad.

The Drawing.

The Costume.

Other fun costume pieces..

But perhaps the most interesting part of the exhibit was the display of Ms. Kim’s office with the swatch wall. Here samples of fabric, and ornamentation were viewed.

Ms. Kim in her design studio. Love the view she held.

The Swatches.

From a movie to a designer’s studio to a world premier opera, “Oh, What A Night!” In leaving the exhibit walked through Lincoln Center and found myself at a world premiere opera with New York City elite in full regalia. Stay tuned for the next blog.

“You never know where things will lead when you travel.”

NYC Spring

When I returned from my NYC jaunt heard Kelly Rippa speak of the beautiful New York City spring and how true her words were. All the streets were ablaze with flowering trees and gardens. Central Park, especially the Shakespeare Garden was spectacular, as was the weather.

Here are a few flower pictures to wet your appetite.

Can you find the sparrow in the cherry blossoms?

During this jaunt came across a street fair. What fun..

Got a Mexican doll for my doll collection.

What unique bags!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring…


My first evening in New York was spent at Dizzy’s Jazz Club at Lincoln Center. Here the world famous Christian Mc Bride performed with his friends. What an evening. Only 50 years old, and this Philadelphia born, New York City transplant is at the top of his game with 8 Grammys, and a host of recordings as well as other gigs with other jazz legends. What a treat!

He’s the tall man in the center, what a delight to watch his fingers tickle those strings.

Another shot of Christian.

And the food at Dizzy’s is a delight, as well as the service.

Not to mention the views..

What a great way to begin a New York City visit.

Syracuse Airport

Took a 4 day jaunt to New York City. Started at Syracuse Airport and found the Airport to be one of the nicest and cleanest airports I have ever visited. It reminded me of my favorite airport, Daytona Beach, only four times the size. People were friendly, and helpful with only a spattering of retail shops and restaurants.

Hats off to Syracuse Airport. Go Orange.

The one thing that stood out at their Airport was their Escape Pod. Nice touch.

Cornell University

What a beautiful spring day I had for this visit. All trees and flowers were in bloom. The campus is a work of art.

The University is a campus surrounded by gorges and waterfalls.. Adjacent to the Museum is a bridge overlooking one of the many Ithaca waterfalls.

One must remember Cornell began as an agriculture school so you will find botanical gardens and arboretums as well as rows upon rows of greenhouses. Much agriculture research is conducted here. Get a map of the University at the Visitor Center in Ithaca, or Campus Store. Parking can be challenging but there are lots available.

All that said, let’s take in the campus buildings.

The Student Center – stop in to view the murals, fireplaces.

The Chapel – a must see. The stained glass, ceilings, mausoleums of the University founders were exquisite.

Stained glass tribute to 3 students who were slain during the 1964 Voter Registration Drive in Mississippi.


And don’t forget to stop at the Campus Store adjacent to the Chapel to pick up some Cornell memorabilia.

They have a great clearance section in the back of the Store.

Cornell University Art Museum

What an amazing Museum situated on Cayuga Lake.. If visiting the Museum start at the top level to capture the views. And for those unable here is a peek at what you are missing.

The Museum was donated by the SC Johnson Company of Johnson and Johnson fame which manufactures cleaning products. The individual who donated the Museum was a former alumni, and most of the works at the Museum were given by graduates or professors. The collection is amazing and has a vast range from ancient art to modern to Tiffany glass/lamps.

And the best part it was FREE ….

Let’s just get to it, and start with some ancient art.

This lovely work dates to 150-200 AD and is a funereal portrait head of a women in limestone donated by a 1916 graduate. It is of Roman Syria descent.

From 460 AD this mosaic of a rooster was exquisite. Often the floors and walls of Roman buildings held these pieces. The rooster symbolizes Christ’s resurrection.

An OOrinthian helmet from 660 BC of Greek Origin.

Religious Art

Statute of St. Anne with Mother and Child from the 1500’s. This was carved from a single block of oak.

And a shout out to St Michael in this lovely work from the 15th century.

Asian Art

Yakshi with a love letter in hand from the 11th century, sandstone. Have never seen an Indian work with a voluptuous body such as this. Unique.

Some oils from the 1600-1700’s..

A Flemish work from Gilliss Peeters circa 1600’s. Dutch Ships Approaching the New World.

Another master – Dutch Cornelis van Spaendonck, Still Life of Flowers, 1793.

Modern Art

There is much modern art at the Museum with walls filled with works such as these.

Tiffany and Frank Lloyd Wright had a small exhibit of their works.

And lastly, there was an exhibit with local Indian art.

A Shaman Mask, 20th century.

If you have the chance to visit plan on a 2-3 hours as there is much to view.

One final glimpse at nature from inside the Museum.


The Tompkins County Center for History and Culture also had a quilt exhibition with quilts made by local residents.

Here are some of the highlights.

And a Harriet Tubman tribute quilt.. Nice touch and so deserving.

Some other fun things at the Museum..

Folks can add to the loom being used to create a Museum wall hanging/rug. What a good idea for old clothing fabric – keeps the fabric in use and out of the landfill.

And who knew Ithaca built planes at one point in their history!

Next stop: Cornell University.