Women’s Hall of Fame

Along the Cayuga-Seneca Canal River Walk is the Women’s Hall of Fame. Here great women of inspiration have been highlighted since 1969. More than 300 inductees from American history and present day have been honored. Those in the arts, sciences, and politics, have found mention, and acclaim in this space. The exhibit was fascinating, and more interesting exhibits are planned.

This building is of particular note as it was a functional knitting mill from 1844-1999. The mill exhibit is another fascinating piece. The building has been under construction for 7 years and retains the original floors and beams.

Those who we know of, and those we don’t..

Women in Sports..

Julie Krone, inducted in 1993, won the prestigious Triple Crown in Racing and over 3700 races.

Tammy Duckworth – politics and military has several firsts.

  • First disabled female elected to congress.
  • First woman to fly missions in the Iraq War.
  • First woman to give birth as a congress woman.
  • She hails from Illinois.

And let us end with Susan B. Anthony.

In 1872, 15 women from Rochester registered to vote and voted. Later there votes were found illegal, however, 14 were let go, but Susan B. Anthony was jailed. She was fined $500. of which her lawyer paid, as she would not. In her trial she conveyed the 14th Amendment as her defense, however, found guilty and charged another $100,, of which she did not pay. This bench is from the Rochester Court were the trial occurred.

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