The Schweinfurth Art Center – New Exhibit Made in NY Auburn, N.Y.

Nice Signage for the Children’s Room at the Museum

Visited the Spring Exhibition of this Art Center which occurs from March 25- May 28th. Was quite impressed by the Made In New York artists. Think you will be as well. Much of the work was done in mixed mediums with fabrics, nature, plastic, and ceramics. What I have found fascinating visiting Museums in the last decade is the amount of art created from trash. This was seen in Theda Sandiford’s Exhibit which will appear later in this blog. That said, let’s take a look.

Good Vibrations from Paul Brandwein of Rochester, N.Y. An abstract made with natural forms.

Lea’s Mycena, by Connie Noftsier, of Croghan, N.Y. Taken from a stroll in the woods – mushrooms, and delicate flowers.

Chevron Sky, Barry Lobdell of Saranac Lake, N.Y. 70 degrees in November – who says no climate change?

Colden Sunrise, Karen Sienk, Colden, N.Y. Photo digitally printed on cotton fabric.

Some other items on display.

A wall hanging done with fibers.

Coconut Fonds making a women’s undergarments.

A digital photograph transferred to burlap.

Glass transformed into sculpture. Beautiful.

A memorial created by a survivor of physical and mental abuse from her parents.

Another interesting work which reminds me of The Dinner Table, by Judy Chicago, in permanent residence at the Brooklyn Museum.

A close up of the work.

Another interesting exhibit by a New York State man, Tyrone Johnson-Neuland, whose day job is Assistant Director of Instructional Technologies at SUNY Oswego. His works were inspired by travels to Panama where he explored the diversity in this country. Not only are his works amazing they are priced extremely reasonable, $350 on up, for one who is a national exhibitor.

And lastly the exhibition of Theda Saniford, Triggered, Truth & Transformation – here this New Jersey based artist displays her works created from garbage finds.

These grocery carts decorated with twine, plastic tines, netting are for sale in the $10,000. range.

Black Ballerina, $7500. made with black glitter, cotton rope, ribbon, yarn, and zip ties.


Want to end with this piece by Ithaca native, Bill Hastings. Made of plastic zip ties and found it quite beautiful.

Sway, 2021

So much of these works were developed during the Pandemic era with artists stating their ideas came during this pause.


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