Cayuga County Museum

So much of Cayuga County started with the following man, Dr. Sylvester Willard and his family.

Orphaned early in life Sylvester went to live with his Uncle, a physician. During this time in the 1800’s the life span of Americans was 25 years old. Due to his parents demise Sylvester was drawn to a career in medicine. Becoming a doctor in the 1800’s was achieved through apprenticeship practicing with a physician 2-3 years as there were only a handful of medical schools in America. By 1876, according to museum documents 73 new medical schools opened.

The Willard-Case Family Lineage

While working as a physician Willard invested in a corn starch factory. Here he made his fortune. He continued to invest in railroads, factories, and other business ventures.

Dr. Willard’s Medical Office

What a phenomenal family history. Upon Dr. Willard’s death his 2 maiden daughters left their home to cousin Theodore Case, who invented sound in film technology. Dr. Willard’s daughters built the famed Willard Chapel dedicated to their parents and a Tiffany masterpiece. In their familial home a Tiffany window is present.

How lovely..

Stay tuned as there are other fascinating exhibits at this Museum. In travel, you never know what you will find..

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