The Willard Mansion

This Mansion is a work of art. The welcoming stairway, the woodwork..

The Fireplaces – marble and wood

Wedgewood Dishes – Bullfinch Pattern and fine pewter.

Dollhouse From the 1800’s

What unique finds this house holds!

For almost 100 years this Mansion was the home to the Willard and Case families. Construction began in 1836, by John Seymour, however, due to a financial panic the first owner lost his fortune and turned the home over to the bank. In 1843, the partially completed mansion was purchased by the Case’s for $4500.

Case offered the mansion to the county for a museum in 1934, to use as a museum and art center with the new museum opened in 1936.

Currently the properties are planning an enlarged museum and art center.

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