Dog Show: Syracuse Fair Grounds

Attended one of the Central New York Dog Shows at the Syracuse Fair Grounds in March. If you get a chance to attend one of these, go. What sights and what laughs..

Walking in to a dog show is like visiting a fine salon with the smells of hair products and grooming galore techniques.

These orange “curlers,” for lack of a better phrase, keep the dog’s hair from frizzing out.

What a hoot!

More grooming and primping shots..

He’s working on the dog’s head.

And she’s working on this guy’s tail.

Then there’s the pedicure..

More grooming shots for a laugh..

Pink curlers here for this guy or is it a girl??

And a short rest after primping..

Isn’t she gorgeous??

Tools of the Trade

All owners seem to carry these combs on their arms.

A grateful dog that all this is over.. Time for a hug!

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