Showing: The Walk and The Inspection

After grooming the dog is shown. This is done by breed. The dog walks, then runs, then is inspected by judges who have much dog experience especially by breed.

The Wait..

While this pageantry is competitive the folks that attend these events become like family. Many know each other for years and while some may become “sore” saying their dog didn’t win as the winning dog was a friend of the judge, overall, it is a pleasant sportsmanship. Here the dogs are waiting to be shown. Note also the owners and their garb as many dress for the event. While owners may show their dogs they also may pay professionals to show their dog.

The Walk, then run by an Australian Shepard. These animals come in a variety of colors and can be born with/without their tails. Cost $3-5,000.


The Winners

What they win..

This is for the dog but there were also placards given out for the owners.

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