Flix Bus To Niagara Falls

Started out at 3:30 a.m. for a 5 a.m. bus ride via Flix Bus to Niagara Falls. Drove to the Syracuse Walsh Transport Center which was clean and orderly. There were the usual suspects, the homeless, and overnighters, but since they did not pan handle all was okay.

Flix Buses have Asian drivers who speak little English but get by. Buses are clean and prices low. Paid $30 round trip for this fare to Niagara Falls which was 3 hours each way.

As this was my first trip on Flix was unaware the bus did not have any schedule info in terminal.  The bus meets outside the terminal.  Learned this by asking a young female traveler with her mom. 

The last time I took one of these non-traditional bus lines I traveled from North Carolina to New York City and found the driver and passengers unruly to the point of scary, however, this journey was civilized. And while the morning bus driver spoke loudly the entire route on his cell phone in Chinese, the afternoon driver was much more respectful. He had a DOT inspection before leaving Niagara Falls and his logs were in order. WHEW!

Besides this complaint the only other problem was wifi charging, and seat belt malfunction. But you get what you pay for.

Had a few take aways from the ride out:

Rochester was announced Lachester..

And as leaving one station the door to the luggage compartment wasn’t closed. Oh well.. For a laugh…..


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