Rainbow Bridge to Canadian Niagara Falls

There is minimal signage to guide tourists to Rainbow Bridge, and WAZE/Google Maps are confusing, so am hopeful with the upgrades on the American side this will change. Above are pictures to look for in your search for Rainbow Bridge.

First Views from Rainbow Bridge

More Views..

Took the boat ride on the Canadian side – cost $35 each, free for children. Worth the price for the 30 minute venture. There is much on the Canadian side for families to do – Zip lining, walking under the falls, museums, etc.. as well as numerous beautiful gardens along the Fall walk during the summer.

Where tickets are purchased for the boat ride.

Aerial View of the Boat area.

The Boat Ride

Once the adventure concludes there is a mall along the Canadian side which has souvenirs and food. Stop by the Tesla Monument on the path as he is integral to power.

And enjoy your stay at the 8th Wonder of the World.

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