Wayne County Museum continued…

The Museum has many interesting exhibits. Some of the uniforms on display are of great value. In fact, the Museum has had some of their items stolen. Someone knows the value of the items here..

This area was also known for pottery making. Crocks often held pickled and salted vegetables/meats before refrigeration was available. The crocks on display were beautiful works of art in prime condition, and extremely valuable.

A heating system used in the 1800’s. It is a one of kind piece.

The Carriage House

In this two story barn there is many transportation items. While I could not enter due to cobwebs, in peeking through the windows found many interesting pieces.


After the visit found the Erie Canal stop which now under further construction.

The town of Lyons prospered and developed due to the Canal.

As an essential oil user found this company of particular interest. Peppermint oil is an amazing cure for headaches. Perhaps on my next visit it will be open..

Let’s hope.

And down the road ALDI’s – what a wonderful way to end the day!

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