Cornell University Art Museum

What an amazing Museum situated on Cayuga Lake.. If visiting the Museum start at the top level to capture the views. And for those unable here is a peek at what you are missing.

The Museum was donated by the SC Johnson Company of Johnson and Johnson fame which manufactures cleaning products. The individual who donated the Museum was a former alumni, and most of the works at the Museum were given by graduates or professors. The collection is amazing and has a vast range from ancient art to modern to Tiffany glass/lamps.

And the best part it was FREE ….

Let’s just get to it, and start with some ancient art.

This lovely work dates to 150-200 AD and is a funereal portrait head of a women in limestone donated by a 1916 graduate. It is of Roman Syria descent.

From 460 AD this mosaic of a rooster was exquisite. Often the floors and walls of Roman buildings held these pieces. The rooster symbolizes Christ’s resurrection.

An OOrinthian helmet from 660 BC of Greek Origin.

Religious Art

Statute of St. Anne with Mother and Child from the 1500’s. This was carved from a single block of oak.

And a shout out to St Michael in this lovely work from the 15th century.

Asian Art

Yakshi with a love letter in hand from the 11th century, sandstone. Have never seen an Indian work with a voluptuous body such as this. Unique.

Some oils from the 1600-1700’s..

A Flemish work from Gilliss Peeters circa 1600’s. Dutch Ships Approaching the New World.

Another master – Dutch Cornelis van Spaendonck, Still Life of Flowers, 1793.

Modern Art

There is much modern art at the Museum with walls filled with works such as these.

Tiffany and Frank Lloyd Wright had a small exhibit of their works.

And lastly, there was an exhibit with local Indian art.

A Shaman Mask, 20th century.

If you have the chance to visit plan on a 2-3 hours as there is much to view.

One final glimpse at nature from inside the Museum.

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