New play attributed to the life of the legendary Bob Fosse, however, there was little mention of the man’s life nor of his wife and co-choreographer Gwen Verdon. This play could have been much more if this was incorporated into the mish-mash of dances. There was no rhyme or reason for the dances as they appeared, and while I love dance, for $96., I expected more.

Maybe a story line???

That said perhaps I am getting old as the 20-40 year old folks surrounding me went mad for the play. And I must admit the dances were well done, however, not particularly innovative.

So, all that said I have panned Fosse, and money would be better spent at a Lincoln Center ballet.

Leaving the theater walked to my hostel in the upper 80’s – let’s take a look at New York City in spring bloom once more.

Oh, those NYC birds can be so creative. Here’s one building a nest in a roll of wire.

Romeo and Juliet Statute outside the Central Park Shakespeare Festival Auditorium

And in closing an evening shot of Lincoln Center flower pots..

Can never get enough tulips. Must be my Albany Dutch upbringing..

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