This new play at the Nederlander Theater is bound to be a hit. If you like Hee-Haw type humor with corny jokes, you’ll love this play. It was entertaining, humorous, with great songs, and performances. It will have you leave the theater uplifted.

Its story line is a bit crazed but that adds to the humor, and what I particularly liked was after jokes they waited a bit. In Six, the play, it was hilarious but too fast paced, and missed much of the folly, however, Shucked has figured out how to handle the pauses so all jokes get heard.

Prices were reasonable for a theater ticket – recommend Stub Hub, and I receive no kick backs just hate hearing folks pay $25-30 in fees. Theater tickets are expensive enough.

So if you are in town for a play try to catch a ticket for Shucked, or Some Like it Hot as have heard it is equally entertaining.

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