The Met provides its amazing performances to be cast Live in HD, at theaters throughout the country . While in New York caught a performance of Falstaff, by Giuseppe Verdi on HD. It was a hilarious comedy of a man attempting to seduce another man’s wife. The music and acting was 5 star as love letters were exchanged, and a plot to revenge the devilish avenger brewed.

Prices for these performances are in the $25 range, and one feels as if they are actually at the performance with the film resolution. Another bonus – the actors are interviewed during intermission discussing their roles. But the most fascinating of these performances is the back stage movement where the sets are removed and new installed.

What choreography occurs as the curtain is closed.

Scores are available on Amazon.

So.. for all those craving a live performance check this out in your local movie theaters.

It’s a bang for the buck!

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