EV Charging Woes

Have spent most of this first week attempting to locate EV charging stations.

I began by reaching out to the charging APs on my phone. Each charging company has their own AP, and prior to charging the AP must be downloaded, and much information is requested. If the AP works it take 5 to 7 minutes to complete their questions and if it doesn’t, which occurs frequently, a phone call is required to the vendor. I do not understand why only a credit card insertion could start the charge, however, this is the process. Believe me I have inquired.

When you purchase an EV here are some of the charging company APs you will need:

  • Electrify America
  • Charge Point
  • EV Connect
  • Plug Share
  • Charge Port
  • Greenspot
  • EVgo

As a firm believer in out of bad comes good I learned of the location of fast chargers 10 miles away by using a local slow charger. Hooked my car up to the nearby Rochester Volvo dealership slow charger. Upon beginning a charge received an email stating the dealer charged .50/min for parking. Thinking this meant after the charge was completed I returned three hours later as the charge would be completed, however, it was only 90%, but the next day received a bill for $85. to charge 70 miles. In calling Chargepoint learned the dealers set the parking fees, and only 30 minutes were free though the car needed 3 more hours to charge.

Think it is time to call it a day and go back to polluting the environment.

As a one time courtesy Chargepoint removed $70., (as of yet unseen), thus paying $15. for a 70 mile charge.

Still hefty but I had to take it.

Next the customer service man accessed his world wide map of stations, and located car dealerships which had fast chargers. There are (3) 10 miles out so to get a charge of 100 miles I must drive 20 miles.


And the latest tidbit I learned – Google the words -EV charging stations near me. Set the cell phone to exact location by..

  1. Tap the AA icon
  2. Tap Website Settings
  3. Tap Location
  4. Tap Allow

and see what you come up with..

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